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How the handicap toilets at church can be fixed

Some of the church toilets at a Catholic church in Germany are so badly in need of repair that they have to be replaced, CNN affiliate WDR reported.

The problems began in 2012 when a new toilet was installed on the roof, which was made of aluminum and had an awkward hinge.

It fell out and hit the ground, creating a hole that had to be filled by the parishioners to make room for the new toilet.

In addition, the church was using a small number of toilets with a flange that was too short and didn’t fit inside the toilet bowl, the station reported.

The problem was eventually solved, but it took two years for the flange to be removed.

The church had to replace at least two toilets in total, CNN reported, citing a church source.

In January 2017, the local council ordered a third toilet installed in order to accommodate the new toilets.

It took the church a few months to fix the problem, WDR said, citing the local church leader, Dieter Schmitt.

It will take another two to three months to complete the repairs, according to the station.

The issue was reported to the Federal Ministry of Land, Land Transport and Infrastructure (BMB) but was not brought to the attention of the local district.

The BMB does not directly answer to the local bishop, according the station, which said the local archdiocese could not comment on the matter.

The parishioner’s union said it is concerned about the cost and inconvenience.

“It is very difficult for a church to afford the repairs to its toilets, which are not always in good condition,” spokesman Michael Tugend said.

“It is not only for the parish.

If the toilet doesn’t work properly, it could mean the whole building is unsafe.”

The church has not received any complaints from the local residents.

In December 2016, a new bathroom was installed, with a different flange.

The new toilet also had to fit inside a larger bowl, which the parish has not yet filled.

The local archbishop had to remove the old one, but the flanges still remained, WDT reported.