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When you’re looking for a bike, it doesn’t matter what you buy

The next big thing in the bike world isn’t in your garage.

It’s on your next-door neighbor’s bike, in your driveway, in the parking lot, in front of the bus stop, in a garage sale, in some garage, anywhere.

You’re looking at a bike with an adjustable front shock, an aluminum frame with a removable fork, a seat that can be lowered or raised up and a frame that can fold and then be moved.

What’s the catch?

You can’t get one at your local bike shop or online.

“When I got the new bike, I had a big fear,” said Matt Stott, a former professional rider and now a manager for bike brand Giant.

I was afraid of riding the bike, he said.

Now, he’s got a bike that’s built for him.

It’s the perfect ride, he says, that’s a lot more fun than any other bike.

The new bike has a lower top tube and a different stem design than his old one, which he said is the most comfortable.

It weighs just 5.3 pounds less, too.

And the bike is designed to look like the one he used when he was in high school.

It is the one with a built-in screen door, so that when you’re on the bike and you’re watching TV, it’s easy to get a seat.

It’s designed to be ridden like a regular bike, Stott said.

“It’s not like a motorcycle that has to be outfitted to look a certain way.

You can just sit in the seat and do whatever you want.”

I’ve been riding the new Giant Bike for three months and have ridden it around every corner, he added.

“I’ve never felt better.”

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