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How to safely fit your kids seat belt buckle

A new type of seat belt that can buckle to protect children when their belts are out of the way is being tested by a Texas-based company, which hopes to sell it in the U.S. soon.

The seat belt, known as a “seat belt hub” or SBC, is being developed by the Texas Medical Devices Corporation, or TMDC, and is being manufactured in Texas by Seat Belt Hub Inc. TMDC says it has more than 1,000 customers and is in the process of setting up shop in Texas.

It has been tested in the Texas Panhandle, which has a population of about 14 million.

The seat belt hub is meant to be used in places where there is no available standard seat belt.

In the Panhandle alone, TMDC is working on seat belt hubs for nearly 500,000 people.

The Seat Belt-Hub website describes the SBC as a device that uses a specially designed belt that is attached to a belt clip that holds it in place.

It can also be used to fit belts that are worn on the side of a belt buckle, such as an adult’s belt, but that is out of sight.

A video on the site shows how the device works.

The device can be attached to the belt and the clip is then released when the belt is pulled out.

It also includes a safety strap that protects the belt when the clip falls out.

The video shows how it works, and shows a toddler sitting in a car seat and being pushed against the seat belt to get a seat belt on.

The child was able to sit upright, and the belt buckle did not fall out.