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Graco booster seats ‘too tight’ for some cars

Some of the most popular car seats on the market are designed for children, but some are designed specifically for adults too, new research suggests.

In a study of over 5,000 US adults, researchers found that a majority of those using booster seats for children were found to be too tight for adults.

Researchers from University of California, Los Angeles, found that adults who were using booster seat covers for children and adults aged 65 and over were found not to be comfortable with their comfort level.

More than half of the people surveyed said they were too comfortable in their booster seats, compared with less than half the adults who used seats for people aged 15 to 49.

“People have different standards, so it’s a matter of finding a balance,” said Dr. Lisa Bierman, lead author of the study.

“When you combine that with people’s expectations of the car seat, you get people not liking their seat, so you end up with some of the older adults not liking the car seats.” 

Dr Biermans research found that the majority of people surveyed thought their booster seat was “too tight” for them, while people in their 50s and older were more likely to think their booster was too tight.

“The younger age group, particularly in our study, the older the person, the more comfortable they were,” she said.

“So they’re the ones who are more likely not to like the car and that’s why it’s so important for manufacturers to create better seats.”

While some booster seats are designed to fit a specific age group for children (like the Graco Graco Xtreme for younger children) others have become more popular for adults, including the new Graco Lace-Up. 

Dr. Biermen said that the new study highlights the need for manufacturers and manufacturers to make booster seats fit all adult passengers, even if the seat covers are designed more for younger people.

“When we’re looking at the age range of the adult, that’s what makes it so important,” she added.

While Dr Biermons study was only conducted among adults, it has some important implications for car seat design.

“For kids, we know that the booster is supposed to fit like a glove and the seat is supposed at least partially to protect you, so we want to make sure that it fits the person,” Dr Biersman said.

According to Dr Biestman, it’s also important to think about the age of the booster seat.

The most important factors are the child’s comfort level, comfort level of the vehicle and the safety of the person wearing it.

“We need to make that as good as we can for adults,” she explained.