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When airlines finally give baby bouncers seat to kids

By MARTHA C. JOHNSONPublished November 04, 2017 07:33:08The American Airlines passenger cabin seats are still considered the most accessible of any airline seats, with baby bounbers for toddlers or infants.

The airline announced Wednesday that it will offer seats in its Baby Carrier program for up to three-year-olds and up to four-year olds.

The seats will be available starting in November.

The program is meant to provide additional space for baby boomers to enjoy their baby milestones, said American Airlines spokeswoman Mary Beth Cavanaugh.

They may need to take off some of their shoes and socks or wear some other baby gear, like a crib or baby seat.

Baby bouncers are available in standard and Business class on most flights, and on select routes in select destinations, including New York City, Chicago, San Francisco and Las Vegas.

The service is offered on Boeing 737MAX aircraft.

American Airlines has offered seats in the infant carrier for about two decades.

The first seating in the baby carrier for the airline was in 1993, and seats in business class were added in 1999.