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U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake’s ‘good-hearted’ ‘good guy’ tweet proves he’s a good guy, says former colleague

The former U.N. ambassador to the U.K. says he can’t imagine President Donald Trump getting much worse than the man he once was.

“If the guy in charge of the administration is Jeff Flake, I’m not sure that it’s even possible,” Michael C. McFaul, a U.F.O. expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, told The Hill on Wednesday.

“The problem is, he’s not good-hearted.

The reason he’s doing it now is because he wants to have a big party, a big press conference, a grandstand event, where he can announce that he’s done.

And I think he has a lot of that going for him.”

Faul, the former ambassador to Iraq, and U.R.I. Ambassador James Jones, who retired in June, were the subject of a House ethics committee inquiry after it emerged they used taxpayer funds to purchase their lavish private jet to travel to a Caribbean resort in the Dominican Republic for a celebration with friends and family.

The two former officials, who both worked for President Donald J. Trump during his 2016 campaign, were invited to a private island party in the Caribbean, which was not disclosed on their travel plans.

Jones, who was forced to resign from the State Department in March 2017, wrote in a column for the Washington Post in January that the jet was “a wonderful way to travel,” even though it cost taxpayers $1,500 a person and left him with a $2,500 bill for fuel.

“This is one of those things that is totally wrong, and yet, it is so normalized in American politics that it can happen with impunity,” Jones wrote.

“We have the luxury of a lot less scrutiny than we used to.”

Fearing the backlash against his fellow former officials who are in Trump’s inner circle, the president’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said Wednesday that the U-turn was an “act of great good faith” by the White House.

“I think the president is the best of friends with Jeff,” Lewandowski told Fox News.

“It’s an act of great goodwill.”

McFaul is also skeptical that Trump can continue his downward spiral of behavior.

“You don’t want to see the President become more of a victim,” McFaul said.

“There are other things that we can do.”