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U.S. military: The U.P.C. is not a good car seat for soldiers

U.K. military forces will be allowed to buy a U. P.C.-style car seat that can be strapped to their soldiers in the event of a catastrophic accident, according to Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.

The U. S. Army is currently reviewing the product and will decide whether to approve it for use by troops.

Mattis told reporters on Friday that U. U.A.E. military has been in contact with the U.N. Special Coordinator on the Implementation of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change about the possibility of buying the UPPCARS and it will be considered “in the near future.”

Matti also said the U-P. C. would not be an effective alternative for soldiers in a combat environment, given its “heavy” load-bearing capacity and its tendency to roll off the vehicle when the soldiers are not actively moving.

“It’s not just a car seat, it’s an effective option for soldiers who are deployed in combat,” Mattis said.

A U. A.E.-U.S.-Japan military collaboration on the UPCARS will include the U and the UPMC’s “design partner” and the Japanese Defense Ministry will also be involved.

The UPM C. is a U-shaped vehicle with a four-legged, lightweight, low-profile design that is capable of carrying a minimum of eight soldiers and is currently being tested for deployment to the Urumqi Dam and the Yasukuni Shrine.

The UPPC has been developed by the UUMA program, which is led by the Ministry of Defense of Japan.