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Air-conditioning in Air France seats – Seat cushions are made of a special material

RTE article 3 of 3 A seat cushion made of the special plastic material “evenflo” has been tested for comfort by Air France pilots.

Air France said it was working on “improving the comfort of its Air France seat cushion by adding the technology to other seats”.

The cushion has been in development since 2010, with the company now using a 3D printing technique to make the material.

The cushion is designed to absorb moisture and absorb air, a feature that is a big selling point for Air France customers.

AirFrance said it would not sell the cushions until “a major improvement in the comfort and fit of the cushion can be achieved”.

A spokesman said the Air France cushion was “a product that has been developed for a specific purpose, to provide the pilot with a more comfortable and supportive experience”.

“The Air France C-seat has a different look from the standard Air France Air Seat and is available in a wider range of colours and is also available in an evenflo shape.”

Air France says it has been using evenflo for over 20 years, with some seats made from the same material.

The company said it had taken a number of measures to make sure the cushion was made of “exacting and exacting quality”.

“It is in the best interest of our customers that the comfort, comfort with the seat and the fit of our cushion remain the same,” the spokesman said.

“We will continue to work to improve the comfort for all our customers.”