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What to expect from this year’s SEMA show

There are some pretty big changes to be seen this year at the Consumer Electronics Show, but if you’re hoping to see an all-new motorcycle from Honda, there’s good news to be had.

The 2017 Honda CBR250R will be the first in the CBR series to be built from the ground up from the original Japanese design, with a redesigned front grille, rear diffuser and an upgraded chassis to reflect the new, heavier design.

The first of the new CBRs to be made in America will be made by Kawasaki, and the company will be showing off the CB400R, the new bike it will make for the show.

The new bike will be available from Honda starting in 2019.

Honda said the new bikes will have all the performance and features that make the Honda CB series so popular.

“We’ve focused on the core elements of the Honda brand and we’ve taken those elements and built upon them to deliver a more robust and advanced motorcycle,” said Honda president and CEO Takashi Iwata.

The CBR400R is designed to perform at a level that is both lighter and faster than previous models.

It will be a sportbike for the rider with a range of options to suit the rider’s preferences.

Honda also revealed a new front suspension setup called the Kawasaki V-Tec, which offers an advanced system that allows the rider to change the way the front suspension moves under the seat.

The front suspension is built into the chassis, and is used to adjust the ride height, the angle of the fork, the height of the handlebars, and a range or adjustment of the rear suspension.

This system is also used on the CB450R, which will be Honda’s first new motorcycle to be produced in the United States.

The Kawasaki system has also been used on a number of other models in the Japanese market.

The latest models are also expected to have more of an allure to buyers, as they offer some of the best values on the market.