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Michael Seater, wife, son charged in death of 3-month-old boy

Michael Seaters wife, Michael Seattlers son, were charged with second-degree murder and child neglect in the death of their 3-week-old son, according to an arrest warrant affidavit released Tuesday.

Michael Seater and his wife, Mary Seater-Seater, are both accused of murdering their 3 and 2-year-old sons, William Seater of LaPorte, Florida, and Nicholas Seater at their home in October, according a probable cause affidavit.

William and Nicholas had been in intensive care following the July death of the boy, the police report said.

William Seater’s mother told investigators that her son suffered from seizures, a history of mental illness, and a history with drug and alcohol abuse, the report said, citing court documents.

The two had a “bad relationship” and had a history in Florida of fighting, according the police document.

William was a student at the LaPortes High School when his father, Michael, died in July, the document said.

The Seaters had been living at the home with their son, who was attending a charter school in New York, according with the arrest warrant.

The Seaters told police that they did not know the boy was underweight and that he did not respond to any physical contact, according their arrest warrant, which did not specify how William died.

The child died about 10 days later, according police documents.

The child had suffered from epilepsy and a brain injury, according, to the report.

William’s mother, Sharon Seater told investigators her son had a seizure about the time William was found in the bathtub, the warrant said.

The couple had been at a hotel in Miami Beach where they met William and Nicholas for the first time on the night of July 25, according documents filed in federal court in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

A man who identified himself as Nicholas’ cousin told the couple that he had visited the couple the night before and was staying at a resort in Fort Pierce, Florida where Nicholas was staying, the documents said.

When William was discovered in the pool, William’s mother was at the beach with her son and the two were walking around, the man told the Seaters.

The man told them Nicholas was at home with his mother.

William had suffered a “medical condition of extreme dehydration,” the document says.

William had also been in the hospital since July 25.

William Seattler had “anemia, a blood clot, and severe bruising” to his head and face, according.

The family had been planning to travel to Fort Pierce to see Nicholas and his mother, the Seater family told police, according of the warrant.

They told police they were afraid to go to the hospital because Nicholas and Nicholas were involved in a drug and drug-related dispute, the affidavit said.

On July 27, William and William’s 3-year old brother were taken to the family’s home to be examined, according and documents filed with the court in the Seatterers’ case.

William’s son and Nicholas’ father were not there, according in the warrant, according reports.

William took Nicholas’ son to the pediatrician’s office for a check-up, according according to the warrant and documents.

William was also told to check his body regularly, the warrants said.

During the examination, William took a blood sample, the doctor told the parents, the couple told police.

The couple told the doctor they were concerned about William Seaters health.

The doctor told them to check him frequently, the couples’ police report says.

The doctor prescribed an IV of insulin to William and his son, the woman told the police.

William took the insulin and the boy returned home, the medical report says, according court documents filed.

William said he was in shock, the complaint said.

He said he did have seizures and was taking his meds.

He told the doctors he was worried about Nicholas and that Nicholas had taken him to the emergency room because he was having seizures, the records said.

They told him he could not go to that hospital and to get help, the mother told police in the complaint.

William told police Nicholas was crying hysterically, the court documents say.

Nicholas said William Seacher had hit him with a broomstick, William told police he was scared, the women told police on July 29.

William told the women he was afraid Nicholas would kill him, the wife told the court.

William said Nicholas was going to kill him with the broomstick.

The parents and Nicholas both told the medical examiner’s office that William Seatter had been using drugs and alcohol while in the United States illegally, the filing said.