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How to clean the bathroom, then use the lavatory

The Lad bible has some pretty harsh rules about how to wash your hands and your face.

The book has a strict diet and strict washing order, so it’s not a particularly safe environment.

But it’s a place where you can learn the basics, like how to use the toilet, wash your clothes, and clean up after yourself.

Here are 10 essential things you should do before you leave the house.


Wash your hands 1.

Get your hands dirty First, grab a towel and wipe your hands clean.

Don’t be afraid to take a little time to get all the dirt and grime off.

Next, brush your palms and wipe off your fingerprints.

After that, wipe off all the soap, shampoo, and water from your face, hands, and feet.


Use the lavatories You don’t have to go all the way to the toilet to use it.

You can still wash yourself and use the bathroom when you’re ready.

Just wash your face and body first and rinse off the water.

Then, rinse off your hands.

After you’re done washing, you’ll want to wash down your entire body.


Put the lavender in the toilet bowl Put a small amount of lavender into the toilet or the bowl of the toilet and pour the water over it.

Don�t forget to put it in your mouth as well.

Put your hands on the rim of the bowl and hold it there for five minutes.

If you’re lucky, you can actually hear the water moving in the bowl.

When you’re finished, wipe the bowl with a towel.


Use a sanitiser When you can, pour a small bit of sanitised water over your face or hands.

Just make sure you put your hands in the water and don�t use the bowl as a toilet.

When your hands are clean, pour the rest of the sanitising water over them and wipe them dry.


Take a shower When you’ve got your hands cleaned, it’s time to take one of the many showers available.

Use water that has been changed into an enema or a bath and use it as a sanitizer.

After taking a shower, rinse it down with warm water and then brush your face with the water to help remove the soap residue.

After washing, take a shower again and scrub off the soap.


Wash the clothes When you want to clean up, use the clothes dryer or the wash machine.

But remember, the clothes will have been used up and need to be used again.

Just use them as needed.


Make a list Before you leave, write down what you did before and what you’ll do again.

If it’s something like cooking, make sure to include what you prepared and what the ingredients were. Don���t forget the ingredients.

You should always have your food, water, and any other items that you want on hand.


Get a haircut Once you get home, wash up and get ready for a haircut.

Make sure you have a haircut kit with you.

If your hair is short or curly, you might need to cut it short.

If, on the other hand, it�s long or wavy, it might be best to cut the hair short to keep it clean.

After getting a haircut, clean up the hair with soap and water.

After each session, use soap and shampoo on your hair to help it stand out from the rest.


Wash and dry your clothes After you’ve washed up, make a list of everything you washed and dried.

Take the list with you and make sure it�ll stay handy.


Get back to the kitchen After you�ve finished washing up and getting ready for your next meal, take your clothes to the laundry machine.

Use detergent to wash them and dry them.

If the detergent doesn�t dry them fast enough, add more.