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A new Lego series featuring the adventures of the USS Enterprise, the USS Constitution and the USS Ranger.

The USS Enterprise has been around since the late 1950s and has been seen on screens around the world, and was a hugely popular toy.

Its iconic blue hull was originally the design of LEGO designer Richard Meier, but it soon became a popular choice for building sets based on its designs.

Lego has now given fans a chance to build a new set based on the USS and the Constitution, as well as the USS Rangers, the Ranger class and the Ranger Cruiser.

There will be new features to the set as well, including a large scale model of the Enterprise, a replica of the bridge deck and a large replica of Starfleet Headquarters.

We have seen the USS on many sets, but now Lego has gone and made one of their own.

The USS Federation and USS Enterprise are a team of six ships that has been built using LEGO.

The Enterprise is the flagship of the Federation, while the Constitution is the most powerful ship in Starfleet.

Both are designed by Meier, and each ship is built from blocks of the LEGO set.

It took LEGO six years to create these sets, so it’s not too surprising that they’re a bit different from each other.

The Federation set is built with LEGO blocks and has two decks, while Enterprise is made with LEGO bricks and has one deck.

Each ship has a different colour scheme and a different look.

You can build a ship of any size, from small craft to the largest battleship in the fleet.

Both sets feature detailed models, which means you can play as both the Enterprise and the Constellation while playing as the Federation or the Federation and Ranger.

Each set also comes with a set of instructions, a game card and a set-to-play video.

You will need to have the latest version of LEGO Builder, which is free and available for download from the LEGO website.

Lego will have more detailed instructions in the next couple of weeks, but the Enterprise set has the best instructions and the best set up.

You’ll need to download the latest versions of the Builder software, which includes a range of features, to get the most out of the set.

If you are on a PC, you can download Builder and use it to create your own ships and bases, which are the same as the one we created with the Enterprise.

If that’s too difficult for you, you could use an online build service.

We hope to get a set for you soon, but if you want to check out the sets you will need a PC to do so.

The ship and bridge of the new USS Enterprise set are shown.

If the Enterprise sets aren’t for you we recommend that you check out this set.

The bridge of this set is shown.

Both set pieces are made from the same block and are a bit smaller than the other ships in the set, but still very large.

They are also much more detailed.

Both ships have been designed with a variety of different materials and have a variety, but all are made with the same set of parts.

We were really pleased to see that the USS was made from Lego bricks and the bridge from LEGO bricks, which gives the set a nice, classic look.

The other set pieces in this set are also made from LEGO blocks.

This set is a little different than the rest, but has a nice combination of both the LEGO and the LEGO bricks.

We like that it has a lot of different parts and that they are all in great shape.

The set also has a small display stand and it’s nice to see the LEGO pieces at a nice height so you can see the ship and its interior.

You also have a lot more space for your set.

You might not need all of it, but we thought it was nice to have it all and make it so you could build the ship of your dreams.

The new USS Constitution set is pictured.

The next set in the USS series is a slightly larger, more detailed set, which also has LEGO blocks in it.

The size is also a little bigger, but this is still a very nice set for any LEGO fan.

The only downside is that the LEGO sets aren, for some reason, very expensive, but these are pretty decent sets if you are looking for a different style of ship.

The second set in this series is the Enterprise-D set, and it has the same number of pieces as the Enterprise but is much smaller.

You could probably build it as a smaller version of the smaller set.

Both the set and its accessories are included with the set you will be building.

The game card shown is a new version of Builder, and you can learn more about the new Builder and the upcoming set on LEGO.com.

The last set in LEGO’s USS series, which we will get to in a bit, is the Federation set.

This is the one that is the best of the lot.

This has a more detailed model of both ships and the same amount of pieces.

It is made of the same bricks as the