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Why You Should Use Yoni Steaming Sinks

A brand new type of toilet seat that promises to deliver clean, refreshing air has been launched by British brand Yoni.

The seats come with a ‘steam’ nozzle that can be used to flush waste water into a bowl.

The design is designed to be a safe and eco-friendly alternative to traditional wooden seat cushions and toilet seats that can cause choking or other respiratory problems.

However, it comes with some serious safety concerns: It is also not designed to use in an emergency.

Here’s how the seat worksThe design is a design challenge for Yoni as the seat has a wooden frame, and it requires users to remove the plastic frame when the seat is closed.

That means users will need to take off their shoes and socks to remove a section of the seat, and use an elbow to remove any exposed foam or plastic. 

Yoni is working on a prototype seat that will be available in late 2019, but they are also working on an even more luxurious version of the same seat that uses a steam nozzle to flush water into the bowl instead of using a plastic bucket. 

“The seats are designed to provide a safe, environmentally friendly alternative to conventional wooden seat seats and toilet seat cushings,” Yoni’s chief executive officer, Andrew Rennie, told Business Insider. 

The seat is expected to cost around £150 ($230) for the basic model, and £250 ($400) for a luxury model.

The new seats are meant to replace traditional wooden seats that are typically made from wood and can cause breathing problems. 

In a statement to Business Insider, Yoni said that the new seats were made from “an environmentally friendly wood fibre, so they will provide a cleaner and more sustainable alternative to a traditional wooden toilet seat, while also being easy to clean, disinfect and reuse.”

“The Yoni steaming seat features a steam dispenser, which is designed for use when there is not enough waste water to flush the seat.

The seat uses a foam filter to ensure it is completely empty before it is removed, and an elbow attachment to help clean the seat,” the statement said. 

As well as the seats, the company also plans to introduce an ‘Eco-friendly’ version of its seat, called the ‘Yoni Steamed Seat Cleaner.’ 

Yonge’s first prototype of the new seat is shown above.

Yoni has been working on making the seat a lot safer since last year, when it announced that it had successfully tested a prototype in which users could flush waste in the toilet.

However in October 2017, a man was found to have inhaled fumes from the Yoni seat, after he was sitting on it and inhaling it while it was being flushed. 

A woman was found with toxic fumes from a Yoni toilet seat in June 2017. 

According to The Times, the government has recently made it clear that it wants to introduce a new class of plastic seats that have a ‘safe, environmentally-friendly alternatives’ to traditional wood seats, as well as a ‘low-cost alternative’ to a wooden toilet.

Yoni is one of many brands trying to address the issue. 

Earlier this year, a study by the University of California found that only 14% of toilet seats had “safer” design features compared to the other 22% of seats in use.