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How to avoid the seat cushion controversy

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Paul Ryan announced on Wednesday they would delay a vote on a House-passed transportation package for two weeks as they work to come up with a plan for fixing the nation’s transportation system.

The Democrats’ decision came as they try to cobble together an agreement on the $15 minimum wage.

The Republican leadership and Democrats want to vote on the measure by Thursday or Friday, while the Democrats have until May 16 to agree.

“While the Speaker and I continue to have significant differences on how best to address our transportation needs, we must act,” Schumer said in a statement.

“This is not the time for us to try to delay a meaningful vote on this important legislation.”

Schumer and Ryan have repeatedly tried to find a solution to the $17.4 trillion transportation bill that passed Congress last year and has stalled since.

While Democrats want the transportation bill to be approved in the Senate, Republicans want it to be passed in the House.

The House GOP leaders have tried to pass the bill with a procedural vote.

But that hasn’t gone smoothly.

The chamber has to go through two separate votes to pass a bill and that’s been a challenge for both sides.

But Democrats and Republicans have agreed to extend the delay for two more weeks, allowing for the House to begin passing the legislation on Thursday.

The delay was announced on Twitter from both Democrats and the Republicans.

“After an exhausting week of talks, the House Republican leadership has reached a compromise to postpone the transportation funding vote for two days until May 15,” Schumer tweeted.

“I appreciate Speaker Ryan’s leadership in working with us to find solutions to this impasse.”

Republicans said the Senate Democrats’ plan is a compromise and they’re “committed to working with Democrats to come to an agreement.”

They’ve called for the transportation package to be extended for a week.