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When does it stop being legal to drink alcohol in Italy?

The first drinkable beer in Italy was brewed at least 15 years ago, when it was legal to buy it in many states, but it was illegal to sell it until January 1, 2018.

The ban, which has since been lifted, is now being enforced on the continent. 

The ban was introduced to reduce the amount of alcohol consumed in stadiums, bars and restaurants, with the aim of reducing the amount drinking.

However, it has also resulted in a surge in the number of people who are charged with having a drink.

In Italy, there are around 10,000 tickets issued each year for drunkenness, including at football stadiums, but the number has now jumped to almost 30,000, according to an opinion poll by the newspaper Corriere della Sera. 

With this surge in cases, a new bill was introduced on Tuesday that will allow the state to ban all alcohol in all public places, including bars and cinemas.

The new law comes into force on January 1.