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Why is this a bad look for West Coast?

West Coast is in the midst of a major shake-up, with two coaches set to depart.

Key points:Coach James Hird is set to move on to a different roleCoach Brenton Sanderson will also move onCoach Paul Roos has been handed a new job with the GiantsCoach Tom Lynch will stay on as head of the West Coast EaglesCoach Nathan Buckley has been given a new role with the BulldogsCoach John Worsfold is set for a role with EssendonCoach Michael Maguire is set in his first stint at CollingwoodCoach Shane Mumford has been axedCoach David Klemmer has been moved on to CarltonCoach Matthew Broadbent will also be moving on to an assistant roleCoach Matt Dea has been appointed coach of the Sydney SwansCoach Nathan Fyfe is set as the new assistant coach of West CoastSource: News Corp Australia (AAP)A number of key coaches have also been promoted to assistant coach roles in recent months, including Matthew LeCras, Daniel Rich and Dean Kent.

The West Coast coach position will be vacant next season with a vacant assistant coach role vacant.

Former coach Brenton Scott will be handed a role in the club’s AFL-linked academy and assistant coach Daniel Rich will be appointed to coach a regional academy.

Brenton Scott, the club senior coach, is set on a new post at West Coast in 2017.

In addition to the four-month transition period, the AFL has also ordered the clubs to conduct a “clarification exercise” on a number of issues affecting coaches.

A number players have expressed concern about the way the AFL is handling the transition period and the lack of transparency.

The AFL has said it will look into the issue.

The club said on Wednesday that it was committed to making changes to the way it deals with coaches and players, including a change in the length of the transition and the way they will be assessed.

It has also announced it will hold a public forum on Tuesday, September 6, to address issues facing the club, including the coach position.

In an emailed statement, the league said: “We are aware of concerns around the way some clubs and some players have been dealing with the transition process.”

“As part of our ongoing dialogue with all clubs and players across the game, we will be holding a public meeting on Tuesday September 6 at 7:00pm AEST to address concerns and provide further updates.”

We are committed to taking a comprehensive approach to the transition as well as to providing a strong framework for coaches and the player experience to support that.

“Players, including Josh Kennedy and Jack Watts, said the AFL needed to change the way teams were treated and they were not comfortable with the current system.”

I think there is a real need to change things and I think we have to do it with the players, with the coaches, with everybody,” Kennedy said.”

To the AFL, I think the way that we are treated in this league is a disgrace.

It’s not right.

I’m not going to get involved.

I think it needs to change.””

I hope that the coaches and their club management know that they are doing what they need to do to improve the way we work and the players have to take a look at it, too.

“West Coast’s coaching staff will be briefed on the changes on Monday.