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We’ve all had those moments when you need to use your bathroom in comfort

Re-engineered from a used bike seat, this baby seat looks like it’s been sitting on the shelf for a decade and you don’t even know it.

The new Re-Caro babyseat comes in both black and white versions with its new folding design.

The seat folds down into a box-shaped foam box and is perfect for babies and small children who need extra room to lie down.

You can even bring your baby to the restroom on the top of the seat, which folds down in a similar fashion.

The reclining rear seat is perfect when you’re in the shower or while relaxing, but if you have a stroller, you can take it out into the yard or the living room to keep the baby safe.

The seat folds flat on one side for easy storage, and the top seat folds up for easy transport.

We’re impressed with how the seat is constructed.

The Re-caro has an internal-combustion engine that delivers plenty of power to the rear wheel and wheels.

The rear wheel can be used to accelerate or brake.

The seats are made of a carbon-fiber material that gives them a durable look.

The front seat is also carbon fiber and can be easily swapped out.

The front and rear seatbelts are compatible with most seatbelters, so you don,t have to worry about using a different seatbelt.

There is also a locking collar that allows the baby to securely attach to the back of the front seat.

When you use the reclining seat, the foam box stays attached to the seat.

It’s a great way to keep your baby safe when you are in the bathroom or shower.

The baby seat is compatible with the new seatbelt and will be compatible with other brands and models as well.

The Re-Cario has a price tag of $849.99.

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The reclining baby seat fits all standard and XL seatbelays and is compatible.

The rear seat has a fold-up folding design that folds flat and can easily be taken out of the box.

The back seat folds into the seat and you can attach it to a strollers seat, baby carrier, or any other type of stroller.

The back of each seat can be secured to the front of the stroller or seat with the locking collar.

The fold-down folding seat can fold up flat, but you’ll need to secure it to the strollers front seats with the strap.

The car seat has its own seatbelt harness that can be attached to your car seat.

We love the way the straps help keep your carseat safe when your stroller is locked up.

When your strollers back seats are locked up, you have to use a carseat harness to secure the car seat to the carseat.

If you’re still not sure what to use, you may want to look for an adjustable car seat harness.