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When is a toilet seat cheap?

From $1,500 to $2,000, these seats are now common in the U.S. but expensive in other countries. 

Nowhere is the cost of a toiletseat higher than in India.

According to a recent study, India’s toilet seat market is worth about $3.4 billion per year, or $1.8 billion per seat, with a global average price of $2.2 billion per seating, or about $15.3 million per seat.

It’s hard to believe that toilet seats are cheap when you consider the price of a seat in China, which is $15,000 per seat per person.

The cheapest seats in India cost $1 million per person, which would equate to about $12,000 in China.

The U.K. has the cheapest toilet seats, at $1m per seat or $4,000 a seat.

In Brazil, seat prices are about $1 per seat but the average price is $2 million. In the U