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Top 20 best new vehicles from 2016 – The BBC Sport Scorecard

Seat cushion foam is no longer the sole focus of the new-for-2016 KTM 900R and Honda CBR1000R.

But it’s still an important element in making a ride that feels comfortable and that feels safe, and it’s one that can be an integral part of your daily commute.

To help you decide which KTM or Honda vehicle to buy, BBC Sport has compiled a comprehensive list of the best new-generation roadsters, including the latest and greatest new-bike models.

We’ve also broken down the best and worst new-model KTM models, and tested each in their own individual tests.

So take a look at the top 20 best and the worst new KTM and Honda roadsters of 2016 and let us know your thoughts.


KTM 990R The 990RR was launched in 2019 and was one of the first motorcycles to feature the new KLM front brake.

It’s still one of KTM’s most popular models and a great choice for riders who want to get away from the rigours of a road trip.

A lot of the latest models from the brand also feature aero bits and aero gearshifts to improve handling and manoeuvrability.

The 989 is a good value, but you’re better off buying a KTM 1090R.

The 1090RR is the most powerful motorcycle in the KTM range, and is one of its best value offerings.

It offers the same kind of performance and performance-per-dollar that you’ll get with the KLM 990 and 989, but it’s also the first KTM model to feature a new, stronger front brake, and the same design features that make the 1090 a great value for the money.


Honda CBM900R A great bike, a great budget-conscious budget-manager?

Honda’s CBM series of bikes are a great bike for people who want a low-cost option with good performance.

It has some of the highest power ratings in the market and is also the most economical bike in the CBM range, although it’s not as economical as the CBR or CB1000R, as you’ll need to pay extra for the ABS system on the CB1000RR.

This is because Honda has put an end to its CB500 series of models, which offered performance in the range of the CB500 and the CB900R.

However, the CB700 and CB1100 still offer the same performance, but without ABS, so if you’re looking for a cheap alternative to a budget-friendly bike, this is probably a better option.

Honda’s best-selling bike of the year is the CB1100, which is now a Honda CB900RR.

If you’re a budget rider looking for something that offers good performance for a reasonable price, the Honda CB1100 is the bike for you.


Yamaha YZF-R1 Yamaha is one step closer to the next generation of the YZ family.

The latest model in the family, the YXF-1, is a great bargain.

It was one the first bikes to offer ABS and was a great example of the quality of the engineering.

The XF-3 was also a great entry-level bike for the young riders who weren’t yet familiar with street bikes, and now the YF-2 is one to look out for.


Yamaha XF1R This is a really fun, fun bike, and one of Yamaha’s most successful lines.

The YF1 is a real joy to ride.

It doesn’t disappoint when it comes to power and looks good doing it.

Yamaha also has a solid range of affordable bikes, including some of its most affordable and popular models.

The new XF500 is one great bike to take on the road.


BMW M3 The M3 is one the most well-known BMWs, and this is another one that offers a good range of options.

The M5 and M6 are great budget models, but the M3, which was introduced in 2021, is also a superb bike to get around town on.

There are also a few budget-minded BMWs like the M6 Coupe, which offers a slightly cheaper option, and even a new model from the M7, the M9, which starts at just under £30,000.


BMW X5 A supercar with a lot of fun?

The BMW X series is one that’s been around for decades, and you can get a great deal on one of these great-looking, super-fun cars.

They’ve been around longer than the X series itself, and are just as well-equipped and fun to ride as the X1 and X2, which were introduced in 2017.

The BMW 9 series is a fantastic budget model, and many BMWs come with ABS.


Mitsubishi Outlander The Mitsubushi is a car that everyone knows