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Toyota CEO Toyota: Our $3.6 billion investment in a new child care program will help our children stay on top of their education

Toyota CEO Takahiro Maruyama is calling on Toyota to invest $3 billion to build new child-care programs for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

The investment will be made available through a program the company calls the ‘Toddler Booster Seat’, a seat designed to help toddlers stay on their feet during activities such as soccer, basketball and soccer.

The company has made the seats available to preschoolers at a cost of $299 each.

The seats come with a folding, adjustable armrest that is easy to transport to and from the child’s room.

The program is designed to offer children the opportunity to participate in preschool and kindergarten activities, such as sports, reading and math, and the program is also aimed at improving physical and mental health of the participants.

“We want to ensure the children will get the best education possible,” said Maruyam, a Toyota executive since 2010.

The chair can also be used for children who cannot stand up, and a foldable armrest with a seat belt can be used to keep the child from falling.

The seat is designed with ergonomic adjustments and a comfortable armrest for the child, as well as a sliding armrest on the backside for the mother.

The chairs are made in the USA.

“It’s a program we’ve been working on for years, but we can now finally share our plans with the world,” Maruyum said.

“The children will benefit from our efforts.” 

Read more about the Toyota Children’s Center program and the TBC program at: http://www.toyota.com/careers/toddlers-seat-toddlestouch-child-care-program/source Bloomberg