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Car seat laws change, new seat covers won’t be as easy

The state legislature has passed a bill that will allow consumers to choose whether to replace the seat covering on a car.

State Sen. Mike Carse said he and his colleagues wanted to ensure that people who had seat-loss insurance would be able to choose what to replace it with.

But the bill does not address what seat covers are acceptable for all cars, and the law doesn’t specify what type of seat covers would be accepted.

Carse said the state would consider adding new seat cover types in future bills, but that the Senate bill will allow people to choose from what they want to replace.

Senate Bill 1718, introduced by Carse, would require car owners to have a seat cover that meets the definition of a car seat.

Under the new law, the car seat must have a cover that covers the neck, shoulders, chest, head, ankles, knees, ankles and feet.

The new law allows for a range of different types of seats to be used in a car: reclining, roll-up, and folding.

A folding seat would not be allowed in a roll-down or roll-back, Carse told the Associated Press.

He said the bill is intended to protect the privacy of consumers who choose to keep their seat covers.

He said the proposed law does not apply to children.

State Rep. Robert Gannon, R-Boca Raton, said he has heard from people who were in the car for about six months and who did not have a car-seat cover and said he hopes that lawmakers will take that into consideration.